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Catholic Bath Tabs

Soak and Meditate

Drop a bath tab in your bath water. Watch it fizz and bubble as it dissolves. Smell the magnificent fragrance releasing. Enjoy the feeling of well-being as your stress floats away.Bath tabs contain high moisturizing organic shea butter . The Butter and oils readily absorbs into your skin through your pores, which are open from the warm water.

We use only natural coloring derived from fruits and vegetables and essential oils for scent and aromatherapy. Bath Tabs are infused with water from Lourdes to provoke contemplation and mediation on the Holy and Divine.

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Peace Bath Tabs Peace Bath Tabs

Lavender Scented Bath Tabs

Price: $12.00
Joy Bath Tabs Joy Bath Tabs

Orange Scented Bath Tabs

Price: $12.00
Grace Bath Tabs Grace Bath Tabs

Lemongrass Scented Bath Tabs

Price: $12.00
Charity Bath Tabs Charity Bath Tabs

Patchouli Scented Bath Tabs

Price: $12.00