About Us
What We Believe- Let's start a revolution!

a homeschooling, Truth seeking, traveling, camping, volunteering, learning, daily Rosary praying Catholic family-owned manufacturing company. We have bravely and trustingly dedicated our lives and business to serving our Lord Jesus Christ in all areas. We've been operating our manufacturing facility for over 10 years. In 2016, we were inspired to start working on a personal care product company as we became more aware of the harmful ingredients in other brands. We set out to create products that were good and wholesome for the body, mind, and soul while causing reflection on the Holy, Divine, and Supernatural during ordinary, everyday acts. Through the products, we wanted to assist in the efforts of evangelization of the Good News! Glory and Shine became a reality in January 2019 as our online store launched. Follow us as we travel on this path and share our journey.

Glory and Shine
Products made with natural and supernatural ingredients to remind us to offer ourselves up as a living sacrifice and to be IN the world but not OF the world!

Welcome to our journey! Jumping right in and taking our role as co-creators with our Creator, the products we make are all individually crafted with a purpose-Just like each one of us! We are very honored and extremely blessed to be able to share in this pilgrimage with you.

So-this all pretty much started with a simple yet complex term, SELF-AWARENESS! The mission and vision of this company was definitely a work in progress, but then again, aren't we all! Our family started to open ourselves up to and search for truth, healing, and wholeness. What does it mean to live life to the fullest or be fully alive? Naturally, we gained new insight and appreciation for stewardship, the dignity of the human person and all that’s involved. Personally, we did an inventory of all that was being put in and, on our bodies. We then, by the grace of God, realized how far away we have moved from authenticity and integrity in the products we brought into our home. The items have been tainted with unnatural ingredients causing us harm. Hence, Glory and Shine came into existence. We learned that all things work for the better when they follow the natural order while respecting the laws of nature. Once we took our time to craft the products using natural and organic ingredients, we knew there was still something missing. Yes, that was it!!! We needed to add supernatural elements because we can all agree that we are unique creatures! We cannot separate the body, mind, and soul and expect completeness. What better way to help us get through the seen and unseen then with these powerful resources?!! Where we can live and make the most of the ordinary and allow for the extraordinary.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the products on many levels while gaining much awareness of the abundant life and world all around us. Glorify the Creator in ALL and be transformed to SHINE! Onward and Upward!!!